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Hey just found some crazy shit which really made my day it’s a website named WHEN GIRLS FIGHT damn this is the kind of shit I love, real catfights and nothing but real crazy loud wild catfights taped by bystanders on their site they have a nice big trailer showing some crazy ass fights , like a big fat chick on top of a tiny girl when the tiny girls female friend helps by beating the fat chick repeatedly on her big fat head, But the female catfights blog wouldn’t be what it is if I didn’t manage to get my readers some nice extra. Below I got 2 pictures connected to a real hot video gallery with hot club girls who are first dancing all horny then all of a sudden one reacts very aggressive CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING PHOTO

Click to see sample videos of this club catfight

On the photo above, nothing much is going on then 2 horny sexy cat’s dancing in the club

Hot dancing girl attacks click to see the videos

But on this photo it goes wrong one cat attacks ferocious this you should really see, I have no idea where this hot chick gets all this aggression from it is fucking exciting to see